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From the founder

Thank you very much for your interest in our services.

Since the start of my career, I have been involved in international business consistently and have experienced a variety of gaps - cross-cultural gaps, cross-industry gaps, internal departmental gaps, etc. - in my work in different industries and professions.

The user experience (UX) activity of "providing a great user experience" is also an activity to fill these gaps in social and economic activities.

In today's society, due to the penetration of the Internet and changes in the socio-economic structure, the barriers among various industries and professions are becoming lower, not only among countries. In 2011, we launched Crossfrontier, Inc. with the hope of being bridges among them, and since then we have been providing UX services to many companies in Japan and overseas.

We celebrate our 10th anniversary in 2020, when social and economic activities have reached a major turning point due to the COVID-19 catastrophe. In the next 10 years, we will keep striving to support you to deal with such changes in the socio-economic environment.

April 2020 in Tokyo
Noriko Osaka

Company overview

Company Name Crossfrontier Ltd.
Founder Noriko Osaka (Ms.) / Principal UX consultant

Noriko is an experienced Web professional and UX Specialist with both a technical and business background.

After having served globally renowned companies as a strategic web consultant and a web director at a major web integrator in Japan, she founded Crossfrontier Ltd.

In her previous career, she served in a US-based company as a webmaster and also in a global Japanese manufacturer as an overseas business staff.

A combination of real product, consulting, and international business experience allows her effective product planning and implementation that benefits both users and global businesses.

She received her BA from Sophia University (French major) and ME from Kanazawa Institute of Technology (IT Business major).

Established January 26, 2011
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