UX Research & Study in Japan

UX Research & Study

We will provide custom-made research / study services for your specific needs.


Expert Review(Heuristic Evaluation)

Experts in UI evaluate your product mainly from the viewpoint of efficiency, according to our original criteria, and provide practical recommendations. If necessary, we set hypothetical personas in order to evaluate from users' point of view.

Delivery Time 2 weeks after the requirement is decided
Target Products Website, Mobile App, Software etc.

Sample Expert Review Projects


Usability Test

We conduct usability tests for various products in different setups: One-to-one, in pair, in group, in-lab, online and in users' living environments. Recommended to combine with user interviews, to deeply understand users' product purchase/usage context.

Delivery Time One month+ after the requirement is decided (incl. fieldwork)
Target products Website, Mobile App, Software, hardware, daily necessities etc.

Sample Usability Test Projects


User Interview (In-depth interview / Group interview)

User interview is essential to find out local users' specific needs for your product. Not only product usage, we can interview users from different angles: Lifestyles, touch points, values etc. in relation to the target product. We can provide background information in reports, to better explain the insights from the social/cultural context.

Delivery Time One month+ after the requirement is decided (incl. fieldwork)
Target Products/Services Anything!

Sample IDI Projects


Competitor Analysis

In comparison with your competitors, find out the strength and weakness of your product/service. Clarify the improvement opportunities as well as the current positioning of your product/service among users.
We select and/or combine proper methodologies: Expert review, usability test and user interview.

Sample competitor analysis projects


Remote Study

Remote study has a lot of advantages for both researchers and participants: Geographic coverage, time/cost-saving and flexibility for contingencies. We conduct pre-interview sessions with participants to ensure the connectivity to the remote interview tools.

We provide custom-made UX services for your specific needs!

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