[Real Estate] Mobile Site Development

Project Overview

  • Based on an existing PC website which provides rental apartment information, newly developed a mobile website with consideration of the mobile-specific user context and needs.


  1. Expert review on the existing PC website
  2. Survey on the apartment hunting with target users
  3. Wireframing
  4. User evaluation of the prototype

Expert Review: Identifying issues of the PC website

  • Identified issues in the structure and content presentation of the existing PC website, in order to eliminate them to develop a new mobile website.

Survey: Understanding user behaviors and decision making process

  • Conducted a survey on the user journey during the apartment hunting: How they searched for apartments, how and why the decisions were made, what obstacles they faced etc.
  • Analysed results to draw a picture of an ideal apartment information website.


  • Based on the preceding study results, developed a wireframe and passed it to a designer to create visuals.

Prototype evaluation

  • Evaluated the hi-res prototype with target users, and eliminated interaction issues before going live.

Project Achievement

  • Not only solved the issues found on the PC website, the new mobile website, with careful considerations of the target user behavior and needs during the apartment hunting, successfully acquired new users.

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